Investment Procedure

The basis for successful investing lies in establishing a dialogue to clarify each client's needs, goals, risk tolerance and return expectations.  The following process is designed to progress from productive dialogue to positive action to help clients meet their needs and achieve their goals:

Step 1 Determine Financial Needs and Goals

Help the client clarify "The Number" that will meet his/her needs and replace his/her employment wages at retirement.  Understand the client's current resources, liabilities, and additional goals.

Step 2  Develop a Financial Plan

Understanding that retirement will likely last for 30+ years for many clients, I will select the most suitable mix of investments that will help clients address their needs with the resources they have.

Step 3  Implementation

It is imperative that the client fully understands all aspects of the investment plan.  Each client's knowledge and comfort with the plan are essential to long-term success.  With a heart for education, I want to instill confidence through knowledge.

Step 4  Ongoing Portfolio Review

Regular, periodic reviews of markets, portfolios, and changes to the client's life circumstances make this the most extensive part of the plan.  Life-long relationships are established through personal care and service, which I hold out as the cornerstones of my business.